US Veterans Academy


USVA logo blue and red

TechCity’s ownership is developing a concept that would represent a new vision for serving America’s military veterans. TechCity’s existing resources and infrastructure, along with its approved master plan, lend themselves to the type of campus environment that could provide a new model of re-entry services to veterans. Strategically located between Albany and New York City, in proximity to West Point, the Castle Point VA Medical Center, and easily accessible via car, rail or air, this project would be spearheaded by a newly formed not-for-profit organization: the United States Veterans Academy.

The vision is to offer veterans education, job training, internships, housing and various other services such as rehab and healthcare – all on one campus. The program would be built for veterans, cater to veterans and provide a holistic approach to training and employing veterans – all in one location. This could become a perfect habitat, combining a college located near a rehab facility, located near a job training center, located near the corporate location where the veteran has an internship – all within walking distance of the veteran’s home, in a complex occupied predominantly by other veterans.

If this vision were to come to fruition, it could ultimately include:

  • Accredited educational programs
  • Specialty job training facilities and internship programs
  • Career networking resources
  • Rehabilitation and counseling facilities
  • Veteran support systems
  •  Financial planning assistance
  • Housing

All of this would exist within the larger, multi-dimensional TechCity, which could also be home to:

  • Industrial, office-based or retail businesses that are separate from USVA, but which may offer synergistic opportunities for USVA participants.
  • Emerging companies that are collaborating with local colleges through the START-UP NY program and benefitting from the corporate, sales and property tax benefits offered by the State of New York.

USVA – Current Status

The United States Veterans Academy has been formed and has applied to the Internal Revenue Service for not-for-profit status. That application is currently pending. USVA has formed a Board of Directors, which is Chaired by retired Lt. Colonel Edward Levy.

Its leadership has begun refining the organization’s concept. They have had discussions with local elected officials, who have been very supportive, as well as with a number of educational institutions, veterans’ organizations and companies that could potentially become partners in this project.

The initial goal is to enter into partnerships with educational institutions that will create and build an accredited academic program for veterans on the USVA campus. Conversations are already taking place with businesses that could also partner with USVA to create training programs and internships and potentially locate actual jobs on the campus. Each of the other elements of the USVA vision would move forward from there.